Specialists in keeping you Warm, Cool and Clean

Based in The west Midlands. ecs are specialists in the design and installation of air conditioning, ventilation, associated fan systems, and Building Services for commercial and industrial applications.

environmental climate systems Ltd specialise in Ventilation, Warm Air Heating, Wet Heating Systems, Air Filtration Systems, Air Conditioning with Heat Pumps, for Heating, Cooling, De Humidification and Air Filtration , to provide your indoor climate

We employ staff who include, Design Engineers, Mechanical, Heating and Refrigeration Engineers to provide a dedicated service to our customers. From our specially equipped workshop we operate a Ductwork Manufacture and Erection Service, allowing direct control over all aspects of the HVAC Installation.

ecs is perfectly placed to provide you the most energy efficient system to keep you cool, warm, or clean.

ecs provides full Design, selection, high-quality installation, commissioning and maintenance on a wide range of equipment for commercial, industrial, public sector and domestic properties, including:

  • Air Handling Units, Gas fired, LPHW, HPHW, Steam, Electric or Heat pump warm air heating with cooling or optional 'add-on' cooling.
    Complete with from Filtration EU3 to Hepa Filters
    Heat Recovery Systems from Run Around Coils, Heat Cubes, Heat Recovery
    Wheel and Heat Pumps.
  • Supply and Extract Fans all types and duties to suit the application
  • Filtration Plants For odours and fumes, using Dry bag, Sinter and Wet type Scrubbers, Carbon and Oil Mist collectors.
  • High efficiency condensing warm air heaters.
  • Gas-fired storage water heaters.
  • Air-to-air heat pumps, single and split packaged.
  • Air-to-water and water-to-water heat pumps.
  • Air-cooled condensing units with indoor blower coils.
  • Single package rooftop heat/vent and air conditioning units.
  • Liquid chillers. And Refrigerant Condensers.
  • Ground source Heat exchangers for use with both Lake and underground source for households or business premises.

ecs supplies Duct work manufactured from various sheet metals to D W 144, Textile sock and ductwork, grilles, registers, filters, insulation, spare parts, split systems, heating units, packaged units and offers a complete and comprehensive after-sales service.

ecs provide a range of Ventilation and air conditioning systems using the above components and work to CIBSIE, ASHREA design guidelines for

Commercial and Industrial Ventilation from single fan systems to large complex installations, with the latest Air Handling Units complete with Energy recovery systems, and Energy efficient primary Heating and Cooling equipment, We provide ventilation systems for Clean rooms, and Filtration equipment and systems for Dust, Odors, Fumes and Oil Mist and Gases.

We design and supply Pipe work Systems, Steel support Platforms and Controls either, individual controls, or Building Management Systems.

We refurbish existing Air Handling Units, and replacement of existing equipment.

ecs have a range of Air distribution systems such as conventional HVAC ductwork and grilles, to textile duct distribution passive displacement systems and directional ventilation system such as DIRIVENTTM for large industrial buildings, which we are proud to be the UK licensee.

ecs can provide any air conditioning or Ventilation solution for residential, commercial, retail, industrial, public or institutional buildings from as little as £1200 to projects of £500,000 or more.

ecs is fully insured and carries £10m employers and £5m products and public liability insurance. All products are covered with one year's warranty, which can be extended to 3 years parts and labour, when a service and maintenance agreement is signed at the time of installation.

ecs offer a no obligation site survey and quotation service free of charge, or a chargeable design service, whatever your application or requirement.

We have a professional dedicated team who will be pleased to assist you.