Directional Flow ventilation System

ecs have the expertise to design, install and commission systems for new build projects and for the refurbishment and upgrade of existing facilities and old premises to meet new demands. Dirivent® success portfolio includes installations at over 200 Locations throughout the UK, for both heating, cooling and frost protection. These include chilled depots for major food companies, a controlled environment in pharmaceutical storage ,production areas in major car plants and component companies aircraft hangers sports halls and training facilities and the air handling systems for an entire regional distribution park.

Flexible air solutions, even air quality

ecs offer a range of solutions. All are tailor made for your specific application. Some are based on our unique Dirivent® air distribution system utilising jet nozzle technology. This is simple and cost-effective to install, provides full control over temperature and air flow and because it uses small ductwork can be routed easily around congested areas. Our systems are designed to eliminate the problems of Stratification, poor air distribution and the ‘cold spots’ which can cause problems in many installations. Examples of the more challenging Storage environments in which we have worked

• Pharmaceutical

• Perishables

• Photo-sensitive materials

• Confectionary

• High bay warehousing

DIRIVENT® Air Destratifiction/Transportation


High buildings such as hangars, atriums and other buildings with inefficient heating systems suffer from air stratification leaving the valuable heated air at roof level. The DIRIVENT® air destratification system will combat the problem. The nozzle system provides the function of destratification operating on a fully recirculating basis to assist the conventional air heating system. Thenozzles are installed on small diameter lightweight spiral wound ductwork, more easily installed at high level. Vertical nozzles will provide maximum destratification with minimum nozzle pressure and as the supply air volumes are small, the centralised plant can be located in the roof space of the area served.

Where Cooling or High Ventilation rate are of key importance, the DIRIVENT® air Transportation system is the ideal solution. The space will be supplied from low velocity plenum ductwork with strategically positioned supply grilles. Horizontal and vertical jet nozzles are positioned at pre-determined distances from the supply grilles to capture and mix the air, transporting it horizontally and vertically to all areas of the building.

The industries ecs serve:

• Construction industry • Food & Beverages

• Pharmaceutical, Electronics & Healthcare • Commercial & Retail

• Automotive & Component suppliers • Printing & Reproductive Industry

• Paper Industry • Marine, ship and oil rig ventilation

• Transport, Airport and Railways • Warehousing & Distribution

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