environmental climate systems ltd delivering Ventilation, Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Process Cooling across all industrial and commercial sectors with over 50 years of combined experience. We are constantly creating both cost and energy efficient HVAC systems, and provide design, manufacture, installation and after sales packages to suit your individual requirements.

ecs employs quality engineering staff with a proven track record in Design, Installation and Commissioning through out a network of engineers built up over many years in both the UK and Europe. This enables us, to use a broad technical data base and experience when developing Designs, to provide up to date solutions in a cost effective way.

ecs delivers efficient and effective HVAC systems through out the UK and Europe. Ranging from Air-conditioning single split systems to large VRF systems complete with ground source energy efficient equipment.

Commercial and Industrial Ventilation from single fan systems to large complex installations, with the latest Air Handling Units complete with Energy recovery systems, and Energy efficient primary Heating and Cooling equipment, Filtration equipment for fumes, odours and, Dust particulate and Gases.

We design and supply pipe work systems, Steel support platforms and Controls either, individual controls, or Building Management Systems.

ecs have a range of Air distribution systems such as conventional HVAC ductwork and grilles, to textile duct distribution passive displacement systems and directional ventilation system such as DIRIVENTTM for large industrial buildings, which we are proud to be the UK licensee. We provide ventilation systems for clean rooms, and filtration systems for dust, odours fumes and oil mist and gases.

ecs can provide a full design and build service, design only service, supply and install service. We can provide and install only service your issue of plant and materials. We will also manufacture and provide Ductwork only. We refurbish existing Air Handling Units, and replacement of existing equipment.

ecs provide a Contract Maintenance and Repair service.

ecs can mix and match our service to suit your individual requirements.