Providing Air Conditioning Systems for a cooler climate

environmental climate systems ltd provide and maintain internal air conditions at a pre-determined level, regardless of the time of year, the season, and the external atmospheric conditions. It is important to provide sufficient fresh air for the room occupants with any type of air conditioning system. Under part L of the building Regulations minimum requirements have to be provided by legislation

The capacity of the system is calculated by the heat gains to the building from the weather and the heat gains from the lighting and the equipment being used in the area and the heat given from the no of occupants.

A Typical Twin Split InstallationSingle Split systems can provide cooling and heating, provided with either a Ceiling Cassette or a Wall Mounted Unit to one outdoor Condenser to serve one room or individual area, with a room controller to switch on and off and set temperature or remote controller. For larger areas then multiples of these systems to suit size of building

Multiple Systems up to 4 cassettes or a mixture of wall mounted units fed from One condenser with grouped or remote controller, for larger areas then multiples of these systems to suit size of building

VRV/VRF systems can provide cooling and heating for large offices and less complex areas, with multiple ceiling mounted cassette or ceiling concealed fan units for each single external condensing unit.

There are the options of 2 pipe or 3 pipe systems between cassette and condensers with the 3 pipe system giving the added bonus of individual temperature setting in each room or Zone

Typical Large Building SystemAll the above options can be added to your building management system and where necessary in critical areas auto change over to standby systems can be added.

It is usual to have a supply and exhaust air Ventilation system with heat recovery based upon the number of occupants

Either separate ducted supply and exhaust fans though heat recovery cube or full air handling unit ducted to either separate grilles or to duct mounted cassette units with the own grilles.

Roof Top CondensorsTypical Internal Cassettes

Energy Recovery

An energy recovery unit can be used when ventilation is supplied with an air conditioning system

Enegry Recovery UnitThe secret of the energy recovery system lies in the cross flow, plate fin structure of the unit. A diaphragm made of specially processed paper fully separates inlet and exhaust air supplies, ensuring that only fresh air is introduced to the indoor environment. The superior heat transfer and moisture permeability of the special paper ensures highly efficient total heat-exchange when inlet and exhaust air supplies cross within the recovery unit.

Sustainable Homes and Renewable Energy

Sustainable HomesIn order to meet the growing needs of the changes in climate and the effects of global warming, legislation under part L of the building regulations encourages us to use more energy efficient solutions.

ecs provide standard Air Conditioning Systems and installations, utilising heat pump boiler technology, providing hot water to supply under floor heating. The use of water cooled condensers coupled with ground source technology can provide an energy efficient solution to heating and cooling your home. Thus minimising the running costs using free natural resources.

Ground Source Application

Ground Source ApplicationOne of the increasingly attractive renewable energy options is ground source cooling and heating. These systems use pipes running into the earth to gain or loose heat from the buildings system. They can be closed loop, running in a single connection: or open loop into an underground water source. Effectively, the ground source technology uses heat from the earth which stays at an almost constant temperature. The underground nature of this technology also means that it is very useful in urban areas. Water Cooled Condensers are available to harness ground source energy i.e. Bore Hole water or lake water as the Cooling Media.

ecs have actual Installation experience in this ground breaking technology. Innovation in air conditioning technologies continue, with much emphasis placed on energy efficiency and for improving indoor air quality.

ecs are well placed to provide cost effective solutions to you requirements.

Process and Industrial Cooling

Industrial Coolingecs provide a suitable environment for any process being carried out, regardless of internal heat loads and external weather conditions. Where temperature and humidity is crucial to the process, we can design a close control environment within the necessary tolerance levels

Process applications typically include: Data processing centres, Industrial Environments. Food processing areas, Pharmaceutical Environments, Clean Rooms, Large Commercial Buildings.

ecs supply and install Refrigerant chillers and Heat Pump condensers, Dry air coolers up to 500kw duty each unit to work in association with water, glycol or refrigerant coils. The pipe work can be supplied in steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper or plastic. Complete with Valves, Pumps, Pressurization unit and Expansion vessels.

ecs will provide Insulation and cladding of pipe work, Controls and Support Platforms

Ozone Regulations EC No 2037/2000


ecs will either design a new system complete or carry out a replacement services. With the introduction of the Ozone regulations EC No 2037/2000 For operators of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment systems, there are two key clauses that are already in effect, these are:

The use of CFCs for plant maintenance was banned in 2000. Effectively this meant that all industrial plant using CFCs had to be replaced by the end of 2000.

The use of HCFCs (including R22) in new refrigeration systems was banned between 2000 and 2004. This means that most R22 refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment currently in use is at least 5 years old, with the use of R22 refrigerant being subject to phase out and replacement with non Ozone depleting gas substitutes. further clauses in the regulation affect the use of existing HCFC systems.

Use of virgin HCFCs for maintenance will be banned from December 31st 2009 , please view our fact sheet

ecs can provide this urgent replacement service.

Enhanced capital allowances

ECAThe Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme is a Government sponsored initiative designed to promote the use of higher efficiency appliances and allows end users to offset 100% of the cost of the appliance plus associated installation costs against Corporation Tax Liabilities in the first 12 months thereby providing significant capital savings and reduced annual running costs.

F-gas regulation EC No 842/2006

The obligations in the new regulation for stationary refrigeration plants with more than 3kg of F-gas HFC refrigerant came into force on July 4th 2007 and are as follows:

There is a General obligation to prevent leakage. Carry out and regular leak testing and maintaining records

These records shall be made available on request to the competent authority and to the commission, please view our fact sheet

ecs Service and Maintenance

Service and Maintenance

ecs are able to provide you with Maintenance Contract or a breakdown service for your Air-Conditioning systems, Air Handling units and Fans. Maintain your records according to the F Gas Regulations.

Our staff will be happy to visit site free of charge and provide you with a quotation to suit your requirements.